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Coaching - Face-to-face and Virtual


- Leadership coaching

- Career coaching

- Personal effectiveness coaching

- Healthy lifestyle coaching

Meet Makheni the Virtual and Face2Face Future Readiness Coach


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Hi, I'm Makheni. My mission is to accompany you on your journey from good to great! I started  online coaching a decade ago before I could speak the local language in The Netherlands and did not just jump onto the virtual bandwagon because of the Covid-19 crisis. 


I offer leadership coaching, career coaching and personal effectiveness coaching to business and individual clients.


I am a Certified Neethling Brain Instruments® Master Practitioner and I use these instruments  in coaching and training.


Apart from these instruments I use a method which I have developed over the years for leadership and personal effectiveness coaching. I call it the VAV-MODEL. VAV stands for Values, Authenticity and Value. Am I driven by Values? Am I Aunthentic? Do I offer Value? The philosophy that underpins my approach is the fact that BEing always precedes DOing.

Why Makheni?


This is what qualifies me to do the following:

Coaching - My fascination with human behaviour started when I started studying Behavioural Sciences (Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology and Anthropolgy) in the early 70s and started studying Positive Psychology in 1981 before the label 'Positive Psychology' existed. I have experience in helping individuals and teams to move from good to great through coaching, speaking, facilitation and writing. The brain profiling instruments that I use are most suitable for the categories of coaching that I offer. As a Master Practitioner of Neethling Brain Instruments NBI® and co-owner of the Dutch agency of this method. I co-facilitate the practitioner training and support practitioners so I have an in-depth understanding of the instruments. 

Leadership coaching - I have real life experience in workplace leadership so my coaching is grounded in real life experience. 

Career coaching - I offer career coaching that is based on future readiness. This type of career coaching will remain relevant even decades from now, when most of the careers we know today will have disappeared and there will be new ones we cannot even imagine today. The days of "The most suitable career for you is engineering" are over. 

Personal effectiveness coaching - Apart from extensive experience in the behavioural transformation field, at my age I can confidently say, "I have lived!".

Healthy lifestyle coaching - This coaching is offered by The Coolest Granny in Town.

Not only because of the code of ethics, but because integrity and confidentiality are important to me, I do not publish comments from coaching clients. I only publish what clients say about Makheni the speaker, facilitator and storyteller. Those comments here

Request info on how the coaching service works.


More on the NBI® brain profiling method here (then click on English).

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