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Looking for a conference speaker with content that is based on real life experience at different levels in different sectors and not based on theories and models?

Want to create a really inclusive organisation and go beyond multiculturalism and observable differences?

Want to equip your teams and team leaders with practical implementable skills?

Want to really transform your organisation and/or team and go beyond the fashionable management hypes and really be future ready?

Want to know how understanding understanding different brain preferences helps teams to perform optimally and also serve your customers better? 

Makheni is the best man for the job! 

She specialises in Future readiness, leadership, diversity and cognitive diversity. She has more than 2 of decades experience in serving organizations like yours and also addressing local and international conferences.

This international speaker is rated as one of the top 6 speakers in her native country, SA. That is not only because of her unique engaging style and the fact that she offers tailor-made solutions but also because she is a content speaker. She has extensive real-life experience at all levels in the corporate sector including reporting to a CEO.

Her approach to inclusion goes beyond the usual focus on multiculturalism.  She developed her inclusion program, Beyond Multiculturalism, while she still lived and worked in her native country, SA. This positive message is becoming more and more relevant as the world becomes more and more polarised.

Her thought-provoking approach to workplace leadership goes beyond the popular management hypes and helps leaders at all levels to focus on what really works and understand what drives the popular management hypes that hamper real transformation.

She puts inclusion and leadership together in a light-hearted manner in her e-book ‘The Intersection – Where Storytelling, Leadership and Diversity Competency meet’. 

She is also a Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI®) Master Practitioner and co-owns the Dutch agency of this international method. Among other achievements in the past two decades, she was nominated for the Woman of the year award in 2005. In 2013 and 2014 she received two awards recognising her commitment to the advancement of creativity and innovation globally.

She presents these topics virtually and Face2Face in both English and Dutch:​

  • Beyond Multiculturalism - Real inclusion 

  • Effective operational management

  • Team engagement

  • Brain preferences and effective teamwork

  • Brain preferences - the missing link in effective recruitment and selection

  • Setting yourself up to succeed in spite of the unknown future

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