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#1 Get internet savvy

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2 weeks ago, first post of the fortnightly 'Quick tip' series was on spam. The response was so good that I decided to do more on spam and also extend it to being internet savvy in general.

Yesterday, the 12th of March 2019, the world celebrated 30 years of the world wide web. The question is, how internet savvy are you? Not only as an entrepreneur but as a consumer, as a user of digital media like social media, as a parent etc.

We are apathetic. We just complain instead of using the available tools and the rights we already. I recently I talked to a neighbour who complained about spam and then said. “My son visited me last weekend and we talked about that. There is nothing we can do about it.” What a victim mentality!

Of course we can all do something. In the first spam post I talked about how you can block of SMS spammers. Today let’s look at how to deal with email spam. Fortunately there are more spammers who give you an option to unsubscribe than those who don’t.

If a spammer gives me an option to unsubscribe I hit the unsubscribe button the very first time they send me spam and add them to the growing list of businesses that I boycott.

I have a very handy tip that I use when spammers send emails with no option to unsubscribe. It works like a charm. I hit the REPLY button, copy the email address, keep my fingers on Command and V (in Windows it Ctrl and V) until the whole To: filed is full, then do the same in Cc and then in Bcc. This takes a very short time and the result is fantastic. You send hundreds of emails to the spammer with one message – ‘stop spamming me’.

If you receive spam telephone calls make sure you get the name of the company right. Next time I will give a very handy tip on what to do next as well as the rights we have as consumers that we do not use. I only know about what you can do if you are in SA or The Netherlands because I have never lived in any other country but I have no doubt, wherever you are, you have some rights that you do not use.

Enjoy your spam free life. Not exactly spam free because you cannot eliminate spam totally but you can reduce it drastically. If you have a business, yes you guessed right, I am about to repeat, spam is not online marketing.

We will continue with these tips in subsequent ‘quick tip’ weeks.

What next?

Invest time in updating your marketing plan before we continue next week.

Till next week

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