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#2 Get internet savvy

Updated: May 10, 2019

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The response to the blogs on spam show that many people are really sick and tired of this nuisance but I would like to move on to other topics so this is the last one on spam. In future we will look into how to be internet savvy whether you are an entrepreneur, an employee, a jobseeker, a parent, educator, a student or whatever your role is. The fact that there are evil people out there is not the only reason the internet is an unsafe place. The main reason is that we use the internet but we do not bother to become internet savvy. Whoever said 'Ignorance is bliss' should get a medal for being really ignorant.

Why am I on a mission to discipline spammers and encouraging others to do the same? It is not only because I get very irritated by these disrespectful people - the second equally important reason is that they give online marketing a bad name. I market my services online and one of those services is to help clients with online marketing. I encourage my coaching clients to offer their services online and market their services online because the internet makes it possible for the small man to do what only big businesses with big marketing budgets could do in the past. I also encourage people in the job market to profile themselves better online - that is why I have started the 'get internet savvy' series which is part of this service. The internet has become an important space for all of us so we should invest energy in standing up against those who pee in the pool we could all swim happily in.

Last time I told you how to discipline those who spam you once and for all by using copy and paste to send them hundreds of emails in less than a minute. Yesterday I had an one more opportunity to do this - it's really fun! After receiving one more call from Ziggo I asked the person for the email address then sent endless emails to customersupport@vodafoneziggo.nl. I am 100% certain that Ziggo will never even think of calling again because when I send these emails I borrow the word that is not part of my normal decent vocabulary - this works even if you do not use this unprintable word. It works simply because of the inconvenience of receiving countless emails. If you missed the blog on how to do this simple trick this is the link: http://www.makheni.com/blog/1-get-internet-savvy

I promised to tell you what to do with spammers in SA and in The Netherlands because I have never lived in any other country. If you are in SA and you receive sms or email spam from a company go to the Waspa site ( waspa.org.za) to check if the company is a member of Waspa or not. Waspa is Wireless Application Service Provider's Association. If they are a member then report them to Waspa. Unfortunately the membership is voluntary so most of the low-life spammers choose not to be members thus the association has no jurisdiction over. Nothing stops you from giving them the 'endless emails' treatment or even naming and shaming them online.

If you are in The Netherlands you should first register your personal number on bel-me-niet.nl. (Bel me niet means don't call me!). I know that you know that they ignore that and call anyway but you should register because you cannot take action unless you are registered. Bel-me-niet does not take action against those who call you when you are registered with them but before you report them to the relevant authorities you have to be registered.

Most of these spammers, like companies that sell electricity, target independent professionals - they are called ZZPers here. They know very well that they may not use a cell number of a ZZPers but they know that most people do not know their rights. This is simply stated on the Kvk Website. A ZZper should not be called if his/her number is registered on the Bel-me-niet register because ZZPers use their personal numbers. Instruct the caller to remove your number. In my experience, they laugh at you and drop the line so before you instruct them them to remove your number be very nice and ask for the email address because these shady operators sometimes do not even have email addresses on their websites. If yo cannot get the email address out of the person simply get it from the KvK give them the zillion email treatment. If you really want to teach them a lesson and get them to stop this unethical practice then you can report them to AVG - Autoriteit persoonsgegewens via their website https://autoriteitpersoonsgegevens.nl/nl/over-privacy/persoonsgegevens/wat-zijn-persoonsgegevens. They will definitely sort them out because they say they are inundated with complaints from ZZPers who are sick and tired of electricity businesses.

We will continue with non spam-related tips in subsequent ‘quick tip’ weeks.

What next?

If you have missed any of the previous blogs please go through them before we continue with the marketing plan series next week.

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