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4 more great tips for getting more clients

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

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This is a continuation of the zero or minimal budget tips of getting more clients. Please click here if you missed the first blog in the ‘tips’ series or click here if you missed the whole Q & A series.

Let alone minimal budget, the first 7 were all zero budget tips. Ignoring them can cost you a lot of money and implementing them can help you to reach more clients and make a lot of money.

To sum up, these were the 7 tips for reaching existing clients, unconverted leads and people who have never heard of you:

1. Offer great service to your existing customers

2. Keep your relationship with your existing customers warm

3. Follow up with unconverted leads

4. Ask customers for referrals

5. Ask suppliers for referrals

6. Ask for referrals from people who ask ‘So what do you do’

7. Referrals are too important to leave to change - have a referral strategy

These tips and the many that will follow are not a matter of either / or but a matter of and and and. Combining all of them or at least most of them definitely yields results.

Here are 4 more zero budget tips for you.

1. Multiple follow ups

Just think of how many times you showed interest in products/services and did not buy immediately. It is unrealistic to expect your prospective clients to always buy the first time they hear about your products/service. They may have interest in what you have to offer but may be distracted or not ready to buy at that particular time or considering whether to buy at all or comparing your offering with your competitors’ offerings.

Please do not buy into the idea that sending a lot of emails irritates people – those who are not interested have unsubscribed. You should send a minimum of one email per week. Your emails should not only be sales letters but you should also offer value without selling. You and your competitors are not only competing for the same dollar but you are mainly competing for the space between the ears of prospective clients. Whoever grabs the attention wins. Always keep in mind that in the same way the internet brings a global audience to you, it brings a lot of global competitors. Gone are the days competitor meant the guy up your street or in your town.

I have already mentioned this in a previous blog - if you sell high ticket items you should not ignore offline marketing. The same applies to offline communication. If you sell high ticket items, by all means send regular emails but do not ignore snail-mail and the telephone. I do not mean irritating telesales which a way of is irritating people who have never heard of you.

2. Never ever send spam

The operative word here is never. Spam is not email marketing. Spam is disrespect. Marketing emails should only be sent to people who have given you permission. As the series continued I will go into more detail on how to get people to opt in and give you permission to send them emails. Spam is not only irritating but it is breach of privacy rules. No matter where you operate from, if you operate globally, the privacy rules of the countries where you reach people apply. Your spam may reach people in countries with strict rules with hefty penalties so you should be careful.

3. Write good copy

You may be good at what you offer but you may not necessarily have good copywriting skills. You have these three options: Invest time and money in learning copywriting, pay an expensive copywriting expert or check out this free webinar if you do not want to waste time, money and effort reinventing the wheel.

This webinar will help you with more than writing emails. It wil help you with writing all scripts including webinar slides in under 10 minutes without hiring a copywriter.

4. Make sure your emails get opened

You are not the only one who sends regular emails. People are snowed under with many emails and that includes spam. That is the reason opening rates are so low – usually around 12%. That is why it is important to 1. Be known for offering value, 2. Make sure your email titles are not boring.

Email titles are like newspaper headlines. They should generate interest but they should never be deceptive

What now?

1. Go through these tips and the previous ones and write down how you are going to implement them. Knowing any of these tips as never helped anyone. Knowing these tips and implementing them definitely yield results.

2. Don't miss this popular free webinar. Although it is free you have to reserve your spot because seats are limited.

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