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#7 A comprehensive marketing strategy for your small business

Updated: May 15, 2019

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Dear Makheni

Like everyone else I would like to start by thanking you for this service and for the book you recommend some time back. I have just finished reading it and I am wondering why such an amazing book is free. Like you, I am a speaker and trainer. Although you do not know me, you are one of the people who inspired me to follow this path. I have written a book that is thus far well received. I sell it at my speaking engagements and workshops. I am looking forward to more tips on how to expand the market for the book beyond my speaking engagements. Sam from Johannesburg. (Not his real name)

Dear Sam

The task from the last time was that if you do not have a website yet or if you do not have a website with a user-friendly template yet you should try out Wix templates on wix.com. I hope that you have done so. What I did not mention last week was the fact that I write this from inside my live site. As I stated last time, a web presence is not necessarily a website.

Why do I recommend Wix so highly? Simply because I am a satisfied customer. That is what happens when you offer great service. You get a whole team of enthusiastic self-appointed salespeople. Remember the example of Masusu who travelled 300 kilometres from Pretoria to a great opthalmologist in Polokwane and told her Facebook friends. I have not yet been to visit this opthalmologist because I am more than 13, 125 kilometres away from her but what I saw on http://picdeer.com/mashianethumi impressed me. That is how it works. In the past, satisfied customers recommend your services and new people tried them out. Now when satisfied customers recommend your services, new people google you first. When they do, they had better find you looking good online.

By looking good I do not just mean the look and feel of your web presence. Of course your website or social media accounts should not look like a dog's breakfast. As I have said in the past, having a pretty 'shop' is not enough, a web presence is far more than a website, your marketing should help you to firstly, increase traffic to your 'shop', secondly convert that traffic to sales and you should start with the end in mind. You can't go wrong if you keep these simple principles in mind all the way.

Today we look at an aspect of driving traffic. We have looked at managing perceptions before. When you create your web presence think of what you want people to do when they 'see' Sam online. I hope that you would like them to ultimately buy. It all starts with how they perceive you. Pause and think what do you want them to perceive when they see you or hear you online. One of the things should be trust - not only trust in Sam the person but trust in your abilities as a career coach. What would make you believe that a career coach is competent?

Do not hesitate to ask satisfied clients to give you recommendations. Recommendations can take many forms. If you are on LinkedIn, ask your satisfied customers for LinkedIn recommendations. By the way you should not be on LinkedIn just to ask for recommendations. You should firstly be on LinkedIn because you believe your audience is on LinkedIn. Do not spread yourself too thin by trying to be on all platforms. I must admit, asking for LinkedIn recommendations is something I always forget to do.

When people give you feedback verbally, ask them to put it in writing. Ask them to send you emails that you can quote on your website under a heading like 'Comments' or 'What people say about Sam'. Remember, we are talking about infrastructure - when you design your website you should have recommendations in mind so you should have a page for comments. You can also do this without the comments page by putting your best recommendations on your landing pages. As promised, we are going to talk about landing pages as the series progresses. If someone sends you an email with positive feedback first ask them if they would mind you quoting them online.

I hope that you will not do what I do - if I present a talk or a workshop and at the end someone says 'This is the best talk I have every heard on leadership' or 'Wow this is life-changing stuff!', I just say thank you and kick myself while driving home thinking one more missed opportunity! that is an opportunity to ask them if they mind sending you an email that you can quote online.

You can also allow people to comment on your blogs or YouTube channels or any interactive media but be prepared for negative comments also. The only problem with free for all comments is that there will always be people who do not play a fair game. They give themselves fake positive comments and give their competitors fake negative comments. Unfortunately that is the dog eats dog world we live in.

Video recordings are even better than written recommendations. Smartphones make this as easy as ABC. After a workshop or a talk ask people of they would mind giving a recorded 1 minute recommendation. Many people are camera shy but there are just as many who will gladly oblige. As we continue I will write more on the power of video.

My personal policy is not to publish comments from coaching clients or even name my coaching clients. If you look at my websites, you will find names of clients I presented talks, workshops and storytelling to but no coaching clients and the same applies to recommendation. There is no law against that but I think it is in bad taste because coaching is so personal.

What next?

Decide which platforms you want to be on. That should not be based on what you like but on what your prospective clients like. I don't like Facebook, I am not interested in seeing people's personal lives, their meals, their pets, their grandchildren etc but I am on Facebook because that is where the people I want to reach are. A great percentage of my Facebook friends are young people whom I have very little in common with. My intention is to introduce them to this free service so we can have a more informed society.

Next time we continue with infrastructure for two other aspects of driving traffic - blogging and offering a free portion of your book.

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I would like to be the first to congratulate myself on succeeding to write a short blog. Lol.

Till next week

Makheni your Future Readiness Coach

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