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Not business as usual

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

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On Monday 27th June life happened – like it often does.

There are certain life events that just force you to pause and say, ‘It’ can’t be business as usual’. This was one of them. A dear friend was shot at for her hard-earned money. She is lying in a public hospital with a bullet close to her spine.

A family is robbed of a wife, mother, breadwinner, sister, aunt etc. Abafazi bengoma – the South African all female drum, marimba (xylophone), dance and singing group is robbed of a colleague and friend. The performing arts are robbed of one more talented performer. We are all robbed of a fellow human being – Xoli Mjali.

She is not just one more crime statistic but a flesh and blood human being whose life is turned upside down unnecessarily.

We could not just continue with business as usual. My husband and I paused a lot of things including this weekly blog and invested time in an effort to raise funds for Xoli and her family. No amount of money can reverse what happened to Xoli but we believe that raising funds to replace the money she was robbed of and also more funds to help the family while she can no longer provide for them will make a difference.

That is why we started the Help Xoli Mjali crowd funding effort. We thank all those who have donated thus far and all those who continue to help to spread the word.

Our appeal to you is please donate if you can. Any amount is welcome. Please help to spread the word by word of mouth and by word of mouse.

GoFundMe only works with credit card. We have figured out a solution for those who do not have credit cards. If you do not have a credit card please email me on makheni@makheni.com and state which country you are in.

We hope that you will help this course and many other good courses out there. This is the link for donating and sharing: https://bit.ly/2Mj0OS8

Thank you in advance

Till next week

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