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Receiving spam is a choice

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Do you receive spam? Does it irritate you? this was written with you in mind.

This is the first in the fortnightly 'Quick tip' series because the weekly series is now fortnightly. The weekly series is always driven by questions from subscribers but the quick tips are not necessarily based on any questions.

Next week we start with the nuts and bolts of implementing your marketing strategy. The first step is permission marketing. This is ‘quick tip’ week and the tip is related to next week’s topic - permission marketing – not sending spam. If you have been following this series you know that I keep repeating the fact that spam is not marketing.

It’s all well and good not sending your prospects spam but you are someone else’s prospect so you no doubt receive spam. The reason I say that we receiving spam is a choice is that as consumers we keep spamming alive and well by buying from spammers. What would happen if we all voted with our wallets and boycotted anyone who even thought of sending spam? Spammers are not stupid – they would stop and start treating us with respect. Simple.

Why do I fight this scourge and encourage others to do the same? They give online marketing a bad name. It's like seeing someone peeing in the pool you swim in. They must be stopped so that the rest of us can do business online. This disrespect is not only irritating but it is also unnecessary. They all have a choice. Small businesses can choose to make use of this free online education. Big businesses can choose to pay for proper marketing services. They do not have to pay me for marketing services – they can pay anyone else who knows offers proper marketing services but they choose to take shortcuts.

Spam comes in the form of text messages, emails, telemarketing and printed leaflets in your post box – in short, all unsolicited promotional material. Some have the audacity to stick a leaflet to your wall. I must say I only experienced the sticking on the wall thing when I lived in Johannesburg North and have not experienced here. Some years ago, a young woman told me that she was looking for a job. When I asked her what had happened to her call centre job she said that it was telemarketing call centre and she had quit because she was tired of irritating people. If all we do is get irritated nothing will not change. The first time you receive spam, you are a victim. From the second time, you are a volunteer because all you do is complain.

Today we start with SMS spam. There are companies that send SMSs with a visible number and they mention their company names like such and such insurance. There are more sleazy outfits like those who sell online gaming, cryptocurrency etc. They have found a way of sending an SMSs that makes it virtually impossible for you to block their numbers. You click anywhere on the SMS to try and block the number you get taken to a web page that has no contact details, no contact form, just their nonsense.

Today’s tip is on how to get rid of the straightforward ones from companies that you know and expect a bit of self-respect from. The ones who offer personal loans, funeral cover, car insurance comparisons etc. When you tap on the text message you are not taken to a web page that has no contact numbers. You are only taken to their real website of you click on the link. Getting rid of these cheap operators is very simple because you can block their numbers in a matter of seconds.

I know that many people know how to block numbers on their phones but I come across those who don't know because the process differs from phone to phone. I used to be frustrated by the flood of spam SMSs and many of them were on my SA number which is on roaming thus cost me a lot of money. All that changed when I searched for ‘How do I block unwanted spam on my iphone?’ I got the simple step by step guide below and zapped the fools in no time. If you do not know how to block numbers on your phone just search for ‘How do I block unwanted SMSs on my Android or Samsung or whatever phone you have?’

Be proactive

In addition to this reactive solution, you can be proactive. If you fill in a form online you're your telephone number is a required field and you know for certain that it is not relevant – simply type a non-existent number. The system will accept it as long as it’s the correct number of digits. When you signed up for this service I only asked for your name and email address. If I had asked for irrelevant information like telephone number age, etc you could have chosen to withhold that information by typing nonsensical data. Your nonsensical data should make sense like your nonsensical telephone numbers should be made up of numbers only. It’s a different story if you sign up to be my coaching client. I will ask you to fill in a form that asks for personal information like telephone number, age, gender, career but if I ask for your shoe size you should be concerned – very concerned because that is not relevant to the service that I provide.

We will continue with these tips in subsequent ‘quick tip’ weeks.

What next?

Go through your messages and sort the culprits while waiting for next week’s input on how to do permission marketing. I hope you will boycott products and services of spammers and encourage others to do the same so we can have a spam free society - I remain an optimist.

Till next week

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