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Updated: Dec 20, 2018

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Dear Makheni

Since the time I was a student and in the 7 years that I was a teacher, I realised that there is a need for proper career coaching. While teaching I started career and personal development coaching part-time and realised that this is my calling – especially career coaching. 2 years ago I left teaching to do this full-time. Your series has inspired me to try online coaching. I have two questions: 1. How do I go about doing online coaching? 2. Where can I buy email addresses of learners so I can introduce my services to them through email marketing. Eugene (Not his real name)


Dear Eugene

Thank you for your questions. Your second question fits very well in the selling like a pro series. You raised interesting issues which I would like to address separately:

· Your passion and your experience

· How do I go about doing online coaching?

· Introducing your services to learners

· Where can I buy email addresses?

Today I will only answer your first question and answer your second question next week. The two issues do not necessarily go together because you do not have to have an online business to try to reach clients online. I am glad you asked before making the mistake of buying email addresses.

Your passion and experience

There is no doubt that you started this service for the right reason – your passion. There is nothing wrong with the profit motive – the only problem is if it the only motive. I am glad you have this passion to help people to make one of the most important choices – career choice.

I am glad you stick to what you know from personal experience and not just something you read in books. I would be concerned if you said that you offered leadership coaching or management training because from what you said about your experience, you have never managed anyone.

Approach to career coaching

Passion is important but skills are also important. In a personal one on one coaching session you would have the opportunity to tell me about your specific approach to career coaching but in this case I have to fill in the blanks and make some assumptions. I assume you employ the usual approach to career coaching and i hope that i am wrong. The usual approach is helping a person to select the most suitable career and the outcome of the career coaching is usually 'The most suitable career(s) for you is(are) engineering…' That approach was useful in a world where you could choose a career, follow the relevant studies and by the time you started working you could apply what you learnt and that career would exist until you went on pension. That world does not exist any longer, but career most career coaching remained in the old world.

As a career coach you may use some or other instrument or assessment tools to help the coachee to determine whether being a statistician is more suitable to him/her than becoming a social worker. No matter how good the tools are, if you use them that way you will definitely not get good results. The fact that many careers that exist today will disappear and new careers that we cannot even imagine today will appear is not the only issue. The other issue is that current careers that will still exist in the future will be practiced differently because of new technology. Career coaching of the future is thus not based on specific careers like Statistician, Engineering, Social Work, Fashion design. I can hear you thinking what else is there to base career choice on?

The fact that we do not know what the world will look like in the future does not mean career coaches, educators and parents cannot help learners to prepare for that unknown future. I see you subscribed almost at the beginning of the series. Please go back to the first 5 blogs in the series – they were of Future Readiness and Job hunting. This is the link to the first one: http://www.makheni.com/blog/1-future-readiness-and-job-hunting

While the world of work and business changes, career coaching of the future should be based on what will not change. There is no career or business that will ever fit anyone like a glove but what determines career suitability is whether the activities and the work environment are in sync with your brain preferences. That will not change as technology changes because coaching has to do with people and people remain human beings in a digital world. Thus, career suitability will always be determined by those two factors – activities and work environment. I have already mentioned more than once in the past that it is not possible to do justice to brain preferences in a blog. For a brief summary please go to www.breinvoorkeuren.nl and click on English. If you stay subscribed you will get information on when I will present a webinar or live seminar that includes that topic.

I use these instruments exclusively in all coaching including career coaching because once you know what kind of activities and work environment are suitable for you and which you should avoid you are empowered to make the most appropriate choices on your own no matter how much the world changes. Eugene, if you would like these instruments to your toolbox as a professional who works with people, just contact me through the same contact page where you sent this question www.makheni.com.blog/. If you are outside The Netherlands, we also offer online practitioner training.

Online coaching?

You would like to know how to go about doing online coaching. I think the best way to answer your question is the answer to a question I get frequently: What is online coaching?

There are obviously different approaches to online coaching out there. I do not know how other online coaches operate so in answering this question I only refer to my approach. My approach to online coaching is offering exactly the same service that I offer offline (face2face). The only difference is that I am not in the same room with the coachee.

I started offering online coaching in order to reach people in the English speaking world because when I first came here I could not work in Dutch. I have found this to be so effective that I even use it for my Dutch clients either in combination with face2face coaching or on its own. I know that there are other communication tools out there but I use Skype, email, WhatsApp call and WhatsApp video.

The process is the same as offline coaching. The intake session is free, if both the coachee and I agree that there is a match between his/her need and my service, then I design a coaching solution for the coachee, he/she fills in the online questionnaire to establish what his/her brain preferences are, then the coaching sessions start with the interpretation of his/her brain profile. Since the process is the same, in my opinion, there is no reason why any other face2face coach cannot offer online coaching whatever his/her approach to coaching is.

I am glad you are open to online because I believe that it is the future of coaching – especially career coaching because most of the career coaching clients are from a generation that is used to consuming services online. I deduce from your history that you are a young person so most of your working life you will be dealing with the the born digital. I encourage other coaches to try online coaching because I do not see fellow coaches as competition. The pie is big enough for all of us.

I hope that I have answered your first question adequately. Next week I will answer your second question. As with all answers in this service, the answer will be in general terms.

What now?

  • Go through the series again starting with the first one on Future Readiness and Job hunting.

  • While waiting for the answer to your second question, please do not buy any email addresses and do not send any emails in the name of email marketing.

  • Please share this Q & A service by word of mouth and by word of mouse - you may just help someone.

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Next week's topic? Your second question:

  • Introducing your services to learners

  • Where can I buy email addresses?

Till next week

Makheni your Future Readiness Coach

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