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What is email marketing?

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

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This is a continuation of the answer to this question from Eugene. For the response to his first question please click here.

Dear Makheni

Since the time I was a student and in the 7 years that I was a teacher, I realised that there is a need for proper career coaching. While teaching I started career and personal development coaching part-time and realised that this is my calling – especially career coaching. 2 years ago I left teaching to do this full-time. Your series has inspired me to try online coaching. I have two questions: 1. How do I go about doing online coaching? 2. Where can I buy email addresses of learners so I can introduce my services to them through email marketing. Eugene (Not his real name)

You wanted to know where you could buy email addresses of learners in order to introduce your career coaching services to them. Today I will answer your question on acquiring emails but I would like to emphasise that this is not the first step in the process. The first step is a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Sending emails is part of the process. I know that ‘email marketing’ is used to describe this aspect of implementing a marketing strategy but in my opinion ‘email marketing’ is a misnomer. In fact if you come across someone who offers a service calls ‘email marketing’ or ‘Facebook marketing’ or ‘YouTube marketing’ or even Social media marketing you should be concerned – very concerned. Email is simply one of the communication tools so in my opinion saying ‘email marketing’ is as nonsensical as saying ‘direct mail marketing’ or ‘magazine marketing’ or ‘TV marketing’ or ‘radio marketing’ or ‘newspaper marketing’ or ‘billboard marketing’.

We never referred to marketing in those terms when there were only traditional media and for some reason we choose to see online media differently from traditional media. There is nothing magical about social media – the only difference is the fact that social media are digital. Knowledge of digital media is not digital marketing. I have said this in previous blogs and I keep repeating it because it is so important. Time to get off the soapbox and answer your question.

when I responded to your first question I said that I was glad that you asked before making the mistake of buying email addresses. In fact sending spam is more than a mistake. Spam is irritating and an illegal invasion of privacy. Fortunately for consumers, there are now privacy laws that protect them. Before you embark on online marketing you should familiarise yourself with these laws because irrespective of the size of your business you may face the same huge fines that are imposed on big companies.

Supposing spam had not been irritating and illegal, that approach would still be ineffective because you would be chasing people. After studying human behaviour from 1974 and consumer behaviour from 1979, I can tell you without fear of contradiction that buyers do not like being chased. Although many people like to buy, no one wants to be sold to. The solution is to become like a magnet – get people to want to hear from you, let alone buy from you. If you give them a reason to want to hear from you, they will gladly give you their contact details, like the email addresses that you are after. Eugene, ask yourself why you gladly gave me your email address, why you trust me with important advice… That is what you we should aspire all for: To be the go-to person.

As the series progresses you will hear more about marketing funnels, especially sales funnels. The funnel that is relevant to your question is called an Opt-in funnel. This is no Rocket Science. Making it sound like Rocket Science is an excuse to charge marketing services.

This is how I simplify it to my clients: Just think of a funnel that you can use to pour sand into a bottle with a narrow opening. As you pour the sand the narrow bottom squeezes the sand into the narrow opening thus channelling it into the bottle.

The main differences between the sand that enters the funnel and the people that enter a marketing funnel is that all the sand gets to the bottom of the funnel but some people exit along the way because they make independent decisions. Your job is to get as many as possible to go all the way. You do that by offering real value and having a solid marketing strategy. This free service and my online and Face2Face coaching services endeavour to help subscribers and clients with the latter. Although there is software that automates this whole process, it does not replace the role of an entrepreneur. That is what I help clients wit. Many of them have already tried good marketing software and complain that the software is useless because they expect it to replace their role.

This illustrates how any marketing funnel works. You have prospects at the top, the funnel squeezes them through the narrow bottom and the result is whatever desired outcome – it may be sales or in the case of an opt-in funnel, contact details. to come out. As the series continues we will later revisit this and touch on what to put an the opt-in page, which fields you to include on a sign in form etc.

Lastly, You need good reliable software automates the process. For only building an email list builder and building simple funnels like opt-in funnels I recommend the software that I have used for some years. I stake my reputation on it because it is a great product and the service is great. Just click here for a free test drive so you can see how it works.

If you want software that integrates everything you would like to achieve with your marketing strategy from a list builder to hosting webinars and everything in between, I recommend this option: Just click here for a free test drive so you can see how it works.

I use it and other successful marketers like Tony Robbins use it and we promote it because we are happy with it. You don't have to take it from me or from Tony or from anyone else. Just click here for a free test drive so you can see how it works. https://bit.ly/2C9mrh7

In your case I would recommend starting with the first but at the end f the day the choice is yours.

Now that I have answered your question on emails, next week we’ll go back to the beginning and start with your comprehensive marketing strategy that will turn you into a customer magnet so you can help more people to make the right career choices.

Till next week

Makheni your Future Readiness Coach

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