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Channel Makheni (YouTube Channel)

Before you enter the YouTube channel, please check these out:

Emotional detox for all:

1. Free MP3

To request the free MP3 'Heal Youself Heal The Nation' click here

2. An open letter to Roxane Gay

To view the video click here


To download the PDF click here


3. An open letter to Dylann Roof

To view the video click here


To download the PDF click here


Channel Makheni - More free resources

All the videos are on the YouTube channel, Channel Makheni. This channel hosts the "Success Series" as well as the "Power of Story Series."


The Success Series inlcudes full talks and clips from talks. In future I will upload a new short video per week.


The Power of Story Series includes a few performances by Makheni the Storyteller and Afrika meets Europa Theatermakers. In future this will include inspiring real life stories.


I invite you to submit inspiring true stories. These may be personal stories or those you have heard.

To get updates as I upload new videos please subscribe to the channel. To comment on the videos or ask questions on leadership, personal effectiveness or storytelling please use the comment box under the video.


To acces the channel, please click here


To submit an inspiring true story, please click here

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