Meet Makheni

Makheni the Transformational Speaker

Looking for a conference speaker with content that is based on real life experience at different levels in different sectors and not based on theories and models?

Want to create a really inclusive organisation and go beyond multiculturalism and observable differences?

Want to equip your teams and team leaders with practical implementable skills?

Want to really transform your organisation and/or team and go beyond the fashionable management hypes and really be future ready?

Want to know how understanding understanding different brain preferences helps teams to perform optimally and also serve your customers better? 

Makheni is the best man for the job! Click to here to download her profile.

Makheni the Inclusion and Management Specialist

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Makheni has been helping organisations and teams to become more inclusive by maximising the benefits of diversity and minimising the impact of the pitfalls of diversity since she started Real Solutions Training in 1999. She has a novel and comprehensive approach to inclusion which does not just focus on observable differences but on the real drivers of behaviour and what enhances team synergy. She is a brain profiling specialist and she includes this in her inclusion, team and management interventions.

The practical tools that she offers to managers and team leaders are based on her real life experience at both operational and senior management and not on theories, models and management hypes. Makheni says, "Organisational effectiveness depends on effective team leadership because that's where the rubber hits the tar!' 

Makheni the Online and Face2Face Coach 

Makheni the future readiness coach offers these services virtually and face2face:

  - Leadership coaching

  - Career coaching for adults and learners

  - Personal effectiveness coaching


She is a Neethling Brain Instruments® Master Practitioner and uses these profiling instruments in coaching. She also co-owns Breinvoorkeuren NBI®, the Dutch agency of NBI®, with Koen Zonneveld. They license and support Practitioners. The Practitioners are independent experts who apply the method in different applications including coaching, recruitment & selection, training etc.


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Makheni the Storyteller

Makheni, the award-winning Storyteller, offers the following:

Corporate storytelling

   - Using real life examples in keynote addresses

   - Using storytelling techniques in management, diversity and teamwork workshops

   - Customized storytelling performances for product launches, year end functions etc.


Storytelling performances 

  - Theatre performances

  - On-site performances

  - Children's edutainment 

  - Collaboration with Patrick Tromp of MudansA and Drum Cafe Benelux


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