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These topics give you an idea of the tailor-made people development solutions that Real Solutions Training offers. The starting point is always your desired outcomes.

1. Masterclasses: 

  • Creating a more inclusive organization (executive leadership)

  • Organizational and team transformation (all levels of leadership)

  • The three pillars of sustainable employability (all levels of leadership)

  • How to influence behaviour (all levels of leadership and Health & Safety reps)


2. Team engagement workshops (traditional teams, self-directed teams and project teams)

     Short and powerful 1-day sessions:

  • Brain preferences and your team (each delegate fills in the online Neethling Brain Instruments NBI® questionnaire beforehand)

  • Team communication en team conflict resolution

  • Team planning, team decision-making and team problem solving

  • Inclusion and your team

     Complete workshops: 

Fun is always part of the deal!

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