Meet Makheni the Inclusion and Team Engagement Specialist

Makheni's novel and effective approach to inclusion has stood the test of time since 1999. She started her 'Beyond multiculturalism' program while she still lived and worked in SA - a country that is still grappling with various diversity issues.  


She got concerned by the usual approach to inclusion which focuses on ethnicity and gender which are just the tip of the iceberg - hence, 'Beyond multiculturalism'. She focuses on the real drivers of behavior as well as what builds team cohesion.


Her positive interventions become more and more relevant as our world becomes more and more polarised.

She has experience in building teams is real life as a manager and in offering team coaching. She knows from experience that you can transform an organization one team at a time and transform a team one mindset at a time. Apart from other aspects of teamwork, she specialises in team engagement based on team members understanding their own brain preferences and the brain preferences of others.

She is the founder of Real Solutions Training SA (1999) and later Real Solutions Training Netherlands. She is also a Master Practitioner of Neethling Brain Instruments NBI®, an international method that has taken her tailor-made keynote addresses, masterclasses and team coaching to the next level!  

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